Clothing & Food Ministry

The Appalachian Outreach Ministry Center, at 511 Municipal Drive, provides the following necessities:21 • Food Pantry • Clothing Ministry • Household Items • Toys for the children • Firewood (heat source) The Ministry Center functions solely through donations that are accepted year round. Donations can come from individuals as well as companies, businesses, congregations, and schools. Local farmers often donate produce. Local stores and businesses donate near date and overflow items. 11The majority of the Ministry Center is driven by volunteers. Appalachian Outreach would not be what it is today if it were not for willing hearts. Families who receive goods and services from Appalachian Outreach often volunteer to serve out their appreciation. This offers individuals a chance to give back to the ministry and develop a relationship with Appalachian Outreach and its staff. The Ministry Center serves 400 to 600 families per month. This means that approximately 1,800 individuals receive aid every month. Families are asked to donate $.50 per visit. This is not required, but 5this simple gesture provides a way for families to contribute to the ministry while investing in their own lives. Visiting the Ministry Center, families can receive five articles of clothing per visit up to six times per year. Food is offered to Jefferson County families once a month based on need. Various household items are also available. Grainger and Cocke County residents may receive clothing and extra food items six times per year. The Appalachian Outreach Ministry Center also partners with the Jefferson City Housing Authority to deliver goods to the elderly who are unable to travel to the facility. Appalachian Outreach further aids 4other non-profit organizations with primarily bakery type items that are near date but will not last until the next day of formal distribution (primarily over the weekend).

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For questions, comments, or to volunteer: Call Karrie Foust – Ministry Center Coordinator at 865-475-5611 or email: